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 Posted: Thu Aug 31st, 2006 05:07 pm
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Thanks for the response. I'll work on the drum again tonight.

I passed that spanner nut stage (saga). Thanks for some of the messages I found on this board. I used a hammer and chisel to get it off. Very importantly, in case someone else is reading this message: I got it off by knocking the nut counter-clock wise (or left). I did see some other people saying the opposite direction, that lead me in the WRONG direction for a long time!

I notice towards the base of that center cone, there are 4 plastic inserts protruding from inside, see picture, do I need to do anything with those? (I tried and could easily push them in with my fingers).

BTW, here is the diagram for my model LSC8244BQ0 It helps, but I mostly rely on people's message from this board.


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