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 Posted: Thu Aug 31st, 2006 01:01 pm
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Sorry to hear that!

First, did you get this part?

1021707 (Spanner nut wrench for Whirlpool/Kenmore, General Electric & Maytag inner tub lock nuts)

I had to whack the handle itself with a hammer.

Then I hit up and down the inner drum shaft for about 2 minutes yanking and rotating the drum as I went. Finally the scum let go.

The problem is that at the bottom of the inner drum, there is this plastic insert that acts as sort of a spacer allowing the drum to rotate on the shaft. Under the insert and along the shaft was about 5/16 of an inch buildup of the source of that smell.

When I finally got the drum off,

I used a scraper for the shaft,

a bottle washer for inner drum (after I took the plastic spacer thing out There is a metal ring that holds it tightly -Then there are 4 tabs that are visible inside the drum. Depress them and slide off)

And a bunch of magic erasers to clean off the soap scum

Smell is GONE!

Now, follow the advice posted here:

Let me know how it works out for you.