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 Posted: Wed Aug 30th, 2006 06:49 am
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Well I have only had mine 3 days, but this is what I have to say about it.

Looks very sleek, very very quiet, washes one heck of a big load of laundry (the sales person talked me into the Oasis King Size dryer $150 less, but I am going to return it because I think the big Oasis washer loads will wear the motor out faster than the Oasis Canyon Dryer which has 2 motors), I really like having the window on the top of the washer helps me determine at this stage of ownership if the clothes are tumbling around in the water..getting clean. After watching a few loads of clothes they all got turned through the water fine, BUT larger items like sleeping bags, comforters, and inside door mats and carpets in front of the sink etc did not really get submerged in the water during the 50 minute cycle.....I guess the water that flows from around the drum ridge gets the top area wet, but how clean is the question compared to the front loaders. Now I have had a few unbalanced error codes on big loads, but somebody said the bulky setting was only for items which do not retain much water (Hmmm I will have to look into this when I finally get my owners/users manual) The problem with the unbalanced error is that the washer then re-fills the tub and agitates it for another 10 minutes to try and get it balanced on its own...if it failes it calls you to take stuff out and readjust the items...after that it fills up AGAIN (so much for water efficiency at this point) agitates and tries to spin this point mine got to spinning just fine.....and at over 1000rpm the clothes come out almost dry.  The display panel is well thought out with an easy to use dial and great wash settings. Not to take you away from this great forum, but also try as they have a bunch of reviews from Oasis owners that may be helpfull. Last I checked the Sears web site also had one customer reveiw.  Hope this helps.....So even though after 5 loads the first day I wanted to take it after 15 loads I understand how it works and will keep it AND recommend it.