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 Posted: Mon Aug 28th, 2006 12:50 am
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i own a ge nautilus. water enters, but the impeller(?) (rotating sprayer arm) and the center spray tower do not activate. after water enters, all sound, except the faint hum of the motor (doing nothing), stops. if i turn the selection knob past the various cycles, water may start, but quickly stops, because the bottom of the tub is full of water as far as it can go without spilling over the top. when the cycle is supposed to drain, it sounds like it might be trying to start, but then it is back to just the faint hum of the motor doing nothing.

since this is an external washer, there is no disposer attachment or direct connection to the sink drain.

i checked under the sump entrance screen as much as i could and can't find anything clogging it. i took off the self clean filter inside the basin, at the back, but i can't figure out how to remove the plunger from out of the self cleaning body for testing/checking. i guess i don't have enough strength in my hands. is there a tool i can use?