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 Posted: Mon Aug 21st, 2006 04:28 pm
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Greetings from just south of NH border!

Allow me to recap my adventure thus far:

Discover sour smell in freshly done laundry load

Discover Samaurai Appliance Repair Man

Adjust laundry habits to avoid soap scum and smelly goo buildup in washer

Buy agitator DAWG kit, spanner wrenches and dryer stuff from Samaurai

Run vinegar and baking soda through wash cycle

Smell still around

Remove cabinet and discover top of outer drum is black with smelly goo

Re-remove agitator

Use spanner wrench to remove nut

Inner drum does not readily lift out

Should I yank on it, or is there a smaht way to remove the drum?

By the way, great pics from your recent hiking trip! What kind of camera do you use?