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 Posted: Mon Aug 14th, 2006 02:59 am
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Back before I ever had any knowledge of appliances, my Kenmore branded Amana SxS ref side got warm, the coil frosted over and the evap fan refused to run. I called Sears (like I said, I had no knowledge of appliances) and they sent a PCM out the next day. After five minutes of chin scratching and head nodding, the diagnosis was offered: bad evap fan motor, not in stock anywhere, eta two weeks+, $220. He did swipe my Sears card through his high tech machine and tendered unto me a lovely itemized printout of the charges. I asked what I should do with the spoiling food, he said, "Better eat it now." (okay, I did add that to my vocabulary in such situations).

Knowing that there was a Grainger in my town that could supply my seemingly bizarre needs for other items, I set out to have a look at this poor failed motor. Removed the fragile looking thing to my sub-terranean workshop and applied 120v via the aptly named "cheater cord". It sprang to life! I immediately placed it back in position and ran the cheater cord through an opening in the back wall. Worked great for a couple of days until the coil frosted up again. I set out to determine the true cause of the trouble. With the help of my schematic-savvy electronics-designer brother, we determined it to be failed defrost thermostat. $17 later and we were back in business. I called up Sears and they happily canceled the service call and refunded the deposit I had charged to my Sears card.

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