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 Posted: Mon Aug 14th, 2006 01:28 am
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Kenmore (Frigidaire) 417.41042000.  Loud noise during fast spin.  Suspected bad bearing (pretty sure it was a made in China bearing and not an SKF or FSE).  Nonetheless, called Sears to send a guy out...$65 to confirm, already had all the panels off.  He says, "yep bad bearings...$500 to fix"  I get bad prices on bearings but 2 SKF's are only $75 and I can get cheap Chinese ones for a lot less and that is what Sears would put in ...if they didn't want to replace the entire tub.  Took it apart and I have 2 (of 3) broken spider arms.   Do I still have bad bearings?  Do you think that Sears would be interested in refunding the money on a misdiagnosed problem?  Do I have a leg to stand on because I took it apart?  What if I put it back together and played dumb, then fought!  Why do I have to pay for a part that has a 25 year warranty when the machine is 5 years old?  Does anybody want to get me a drum on a warranty claim?  Why do I feel that Sears neglected to use Vaseline? Twice?

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