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 Posted: Sun May 29th, 2005 08:28 pm
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My five year old Bosch Front Loader just stopped agitating, spinning, or doing pretty much anything other than fillling, draining, and making clicking noises.  The display still comes on, and it acts like it *should* be doing something (it's still making the 'starting up' noises and 'clicks' that normally indicate something's about to happen) but it just adds a little water and sits there until the end of the cycle.We've checked for loose change in the seal; we've drained it and checked the plug for change (which usually fixes whatever problem it's having) but this time we found nothing and still can't get it to do anything.  The drum still moves freely when I push at it and I've tried turning it off and on, too.Any other ideas?  I'm desperate!  I've got two small kids, one of whom is potty-training, and I need a washer before my house overflows with dirty laundry.  Thanks lots!