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 Posted: Sun May 29th, 2005 04:01 am
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Replaced seals and upper bearing.  It took about two and half hours just to disasemble and about four to five with beer breaks to reasemble.  All looked good until the spin cycle.  All hell broke loose. The motor was humming under what sounded like excessive load and then the breaker tripped.  Reset breaker.  Then when the spin started to get up a bit of speed the water started coming up over the sides of the outer tub.  Holy cow shut her down quick like a bunny.  I did replace the vee belt while the machine was apart.  Read something about simular machine that said the belt is supposed to slip some until the water is mostly pumped out.  Is this true of this machine?  Wrong belt?

Slowly getting buried under a pile of dirty laundry,  Stephen.