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 Posted: Sun Aug 6th, 2006 05:46 am
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What... no haiku for this thread yet?

Well then... behold:

Inverter Power
Seems like a good idea
Try New Square Wheels!

I had an Inverter microwave, which died a horrible death due to low line voltage. I was heating something up in it and didn't notice that our illustrious local electric monopoly, FPL, apparently thought the Magic Voltage for the day should be 80... the cooling fan stalled and the inverter and magnetron cooked.

FYI, if you ever have a magnetron failure or are junking an oven... grab a pair of pliers and bend the tabs to take it apart. You'll be able to extract the two ceramic ring magnets, which make AWESOME refrigerator magnets. They have impressive power, but are still large enough to grab to easily remove from the 'fridge... and they'll cheerfully support thick objects like calendars!

Hard disk drive magnets make similarly insane beer box magnets, but if you clunk one onto the fridge, you'll probably have to slide it to the edge to get it off. (Watch your fingers - pinch hazards exist with these...)