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 Posted: Sat Aug 5th, 2006 12:24 pm
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I don't like the strips unless Miele is different then what is sold locally. The ones I tried use to give you ranges, 0-3, 4-7 etc. The Maytag part number for the kit is 038184. Working in NY for all those years you deal with hard water often. You want to get water hot enough to activate your detergent, but not too hot where you cause flash drying. Flash drying is where the object in the unit gets so hot that instead of allowing the rinse aide to work and sheet the water off like a well waxed car, it evaporates off and leaves behind the residue. Kind of like washing a car in direct sunlight. Before you can dry it, you have all those water blotches everywhere. If the water temp is fine, then using selections such as temp boost and sani will actually make it worse. I know it goes against what you would normally think, I thought the same way but have found it to be true. This scenario will usually be wide spread throughout the DW on all items that retain heat, silverware, glasses, etc. 

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