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 Posted: Mon Jul 31st, 2006 08:20 pm
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Budget Appliance Repair wrote: Keinokuorma, Have you every looked at the price of Sub-Zero refrigerators??????

I don't think you could even barely buy half of one for $730......

That's the reason you see so many people willing to pay to have sealed system work done on these units that on most older standard refrigerators would be opted to replace instead of repair.

Well, we don't get that brand here, and true, we don't have too many built-in fridges either... we usually have these "detached" appliances only, with standardized spacing, so that we can replace with almost any brand and model if we wish. Even though they are designed with the idea that they can be easily replaced, they are priced so that it is still reasonable to repair up to a certain amount. The average fridge/freezer tower of 60x180x80cm costs around €400, but of course you can buy a €1000 model or something in that range.

On another thread I read that some Miele appliances cost around $2000 average... well, I bought my Helkama dishwasher for €390.  The shop carried Siemens and Bosch units around €600, and some Chinese crap around €300... I couldn't really afford the pricier models back in the day so I settled for the Finnish brand with reasonable price. And, it's only a 50km trip to the plant where it was whapped up, so I know where to toss it if it gives me too much trouble. :cool:

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