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 Posted: Mon Jul 31st, 2006 01:20 am
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:yikes:UPDATE: IGNORE MY SUGGESTION #2 IN MY POST OF Wed Jun 14th, 2006 21:28, when installing this kit!

Moderator: You may even want to delete that post to save other folks some problems.

After a few days, the flapper door would not open far enough to let ice out and the ice dispenser lever would sometimes disengage from the microswitch, stopping the dispense.  I removed the cover and found the icemaker lever was flexing and the new bracket was moving slightly due to too much spring pressure.

Note the spring pressure is too large if the "loop" (middle part) of the door spring is agianst the metal bracket on top. The loop should be against the back of the main box, thus will not apply as much closing force to the door.  I used the wire tie method as described in that earlier post, which resulted in curling the spring too far and releasing it against the top. DO NOT USE THE WIRE TIE METHOD TO  HOLD THE SPRING DURING ASSEMBLY!

I took it apart again today and reassembled by pushing the whole assembly (lever and flapper door together) toward the back of the box, engaged the point end of the door axle, and then shoved the other end of the axle in place with a screwdriver.  It now works much better!