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 Posted: Sun Jul 30th, 2006 12:41 pm
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KAR444: They sent us a quote for an extra $730 they will put in a compressor, oil filter and clean the system.AccApp: I don't know what they could possibly mean by "oil filter"
That would sound like the tiny expansion on the back tubes, that is partially filled by some greyish-greenish desiccant grains, at least the one was that I took apart for fun in my youth, heheh.

Well that can be considered an "oil filter", because for one job it tries to filter out the tiny, wimpy, little amount of oil that enters the condenser (from the compressor) during the lifetime of the system... then, it can be considered a "gas dryer" because it also tries to absorb the tiny, wimpy, little amounts of moisture that entered the system back when it was not filled by refrigerant. Also it tries to catch rigid particles that are borne into the refrigreant flow.

Sounds costly, as with $730 I could buy about two new fridges.

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