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 Posted: Fri May 27th, 2005 01:13 am
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Hey, Wateka, mucho domos for the upload!

I had the supreme pleasure of replacing my first ASKO dryer belt two days ago. I was reminded why I always say, "ASKO? Oh NO!" After a couple false starts, I ended up replacing the belt as described in your upload-- woulda saved me about half an hour of scratching my posterior and sniffing my fingers if I had seen that before hand. Stringing the belt on the pulley was straight-forward enough but, DAYYAM NATION! getting to it was like going around my elbow to get to my a**hole! I think ASKO engineers must have a special loathing and contempt for repair people.

Bought the belt from RepairClinic for $22... plus $30 for overnight shipping (the customer didn't care about the money, they just wanted the dayyam thing fixed).

Total time took me almost 1.5 hours, including taking down and restacking the laundry unit.

Nice work on your repair and thanks again for the upload!


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