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 Posted: Wed Jul 19th, 2006 06:12 am
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Wow -- the brush thing would have been nice to know. As it was, we replaced the . . . circuit board? Some spendy electrical part that had a nice, black, scorch mark on it. And after the $$$ for that, it *still* wouldn't work and we ended up buying a new motor, too. (Because I really *wanted* to spend another week at laundromat with my kids . . .)

And what do I have now? A washer that's lost three front panel buttons since then, as well as something having gone wrong with the door closed sensor -- you have to bang on it a few times to get it to figure out the door's closed. (It's been like that since it was repaired - anyone with a clue on how to fix *that*?)

It still does a great job washing, but I'm fairly annoyed that pieces *literally* started falling off of it (and the matching dryer) with a month of the warranty expiring. For what I've paid for repairs, I *almost* could have paid for a new (more dependable) washer.