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 Posted: Wed Jul 19th, 2006 01:11 am
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A while ago we had frost on the bottom corner wall of the frig.   For some reason not anymore.  I guess this goes along with the evaporator prob.

The Sears site was good, but not quite legible enough.   Can we take the back of the inside fridge wall off and look at the evaporator.  We could do the soap test and figure out what is going on back there.  There is a good possibility that there is frost on it.  Right?

The Ice Maker has a dripping leak and the pan was full.  Molding and everything.  Actually it left our cabinets and tile a bit messed up.  My husband fixed the leak, cleaned up the mess but we are still waiting for ice.

The more I read, the more I realize how connected they are.  

Bottom line - Can we open up the back of the fridge and do a visual inspection on the evaporator?   If so, can we install a new evaporator.  

Take care.   I bet you are busy with Air Conditioning out in NJ these days.