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 Posted: Tue Jul 18th, 2006 04:29 am
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KAR444 wrote: Does "Evaporator" mean Condensor Fan?   What is the Evaporator that you said is probably leaking.  Go to the Sears site, type in 550 in the model number text box, select the ref by sub-zero, hit the radio button for "view diagram for "550 system view. The ref evaporator is the big piece of serpentine tubing with fins in the middle (#19?) The inset views will also show you the condenser fan on the upper right

They sent us a quote for an extra $730 they will put in a compressor, oil filter and clean the system.
I don't know what they could possibly mean by "oil filter"

When I asked how they cleaned it the first time they said they used a special spray that kills bacteria inside the coils.  I asked what it is called and they guy said, "I don't know".  It sounds like a little magic to me.
Probably Scrubbing Bubbles, who knows with this crew. Bacteria in the condenser coils is among the least of your worries.

I am considering paying $60 to get the SZ Authorized dealer to come out
Well worth it.and then if the story is different cancel the payment to the first people.  Or....I could file a BBB complaint. 


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