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 Posted: Mon Jul 17th, 2006 02:50 pm
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My husband just said that in the middle of the night the frig was at 25!

If paying $1K (ouch) would fix it then fine.  We could apply the $300 "ATM" Rip off and  be okay.  But if it will then be like a boat (break out another thousand) it will be a problem.    

It was a little hard to read but I did see the Frig was made Feb 88.   Do you have any idea of the average life time of a Frig and parts like this?

My husband and I are really irked by the repair guy.  Everytime we had a detailed question he had a English speaking problem.  He was a subcontract guy for the company.  The place says they will beat any estimate.   Perhaps I should get estimates and then make them apply the $300 to it.

I would like to argue the $300 charge for being too high.   The guy came out on Sat. and it is Monday so I could call the office.

SubZero has an appliance place near by, but because they recommend it does that mean they wont rip us off?   I will call them and get a quote.

Thanks a million Samurai!