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 Posted: Mon Jul 17th, 2006 01:15 am
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You made me laugh so hard.

Darn.  I hate this.  We bought the house w/ this Sub Zero.  It is probably 15 ish years old. 

As far as adjusting the system, he didn't even put it back to 5!

How much does adding freon usually cost?  We cant do that by ourselfs I believe. 

Anyway, the guy told us that we could apply the $300 to a new compresser (abt $1,100 he said) if what it still didnt work.    I'm thinking that it is not a bad deal for an extra $700.   I think that you said that you charge $1,500.

If we get a new compressor, what type of things do I need to ask and watch for?   I was going to ask if I could buy the parts myself after they quote me accordingly.

My husband is very skilled.  I will have to look if we can change the evaporator by ourselves.   A few years ago we had low freon too.