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 Posted: Sun Jul 16th, 2006 11:32 pm
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KAR444 wrote: Our Sub Zero 550 stayed around 50deg. Could be anything at this point. We hesitantly called someone out.   They said they cleaned the condenser (we saw them spray some foam in there but never turned the frig off). I do that for A/C condensers outside, for a Sub-Zero, I just shut the unit off and vacuum from the side where air enters They added R-12 cuz our freon was low.  Does Freon get low on its own?No, it leaks out of the system.  If there is a leak isnt it illegal for someone to add R-12 w/out fixing the leak? Not necessarily, it depends on leak rate and amount of refrigerant charge.  And they "adjusted the system".....whatever that means.Turned the dial from "10" back to "5".

$300!   What do you samurai's think?!
$ub-Zero = ATM for some guys

Of course they recommended a new compressor.  They will apply the $300 towards it.  
Leak is probably in the evaporator, depending on unit age it is a good idea to replace the comp as well

Anyway, now the frig works better but I am not sure if it is fixed yet.:?

It's not.

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