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 Posted: Sun Jul 16th, 2006 03:47 am
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I've read alot of good info on this FH error.  I just installed a brand new Duet that had been stored (unopened) in my garage for over a year.  Upon running the first cycle, the error comes up.  The machine will fill and start the cycle, but like clockwork after 2-3 minutes into it the error will happen.  The cycle will end and the drain pump will run to empty the machine.

I have checked the hoses, filters and drain line all are fine.  I plan to open it up tomorrow and check all connections and the pressue switch hose.

Does this error sound like a specific item?

In Addition, I did receive an F09 error once.

I ran the diagnostic test in the user manual and found that the FH error occured duning the C:01 (Filling with cold water) stage.  The machine was definitely filling at the time.  Error happened after 10 - 15 seconds of filling.  Flow switch problem?


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