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 Posted: Fri Apr 8th, 2005 03:14 am
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    The force is telling me your washer is toast.  You may continue to use it for a short period while you shop for a new washer.  It will only get worse and eventually leak or even flood.

     We must now confirm what the force is saying.

Remove the front panel.  Look on the inside of the panel near the floor.  does it look like this?

Start a wash, with the panel removed,  Lay on the floor and look at the center of the bottom of the tub.  Do you see water or signs of it? 

If so you will need these.

WH38X10002 Transmission
WH2X1198 Hub Bearing (oil impregnated bronze sleeve bearing)
WH2X1193 Hub Nut
WH43X10009 Air Bell Coupling (use only if old one is stuck)
WH02X10037 Screw

This is the basket with the agitator removed.  You can see the airbell coupling.  Notice the rusty 7/16 bolt


I use a claw hammer to remove the air bell coupling.  If it's stuck I break it in half.


 This is my assortment of spanner wrenches.  The one in the middle is almost univeresal.  The GE wrench on the bottom has seen lots of force





This is taken with the basket removed.  You can get rid of the remaining water now or off the floor later.

Notice the sticker on the front of the tub.  Notice the motor goes in the front.  It is possible to put this back together backwards.




Another Special tool.  I think its called a pulley holder.


Removing the tub seal.

I use a 1/4 ratchec extension to push out the old tub bearing.  I don't hit it hard. I just let the hammer fall.

I aways replace the tub bearing.

  The 1/2 way mark.  Notice I dragged it outside on the grass.  You don't have to clean up the crud like you would if it was inside on the floor this way.

Don't forget this

Leave the tape on the brake.

The proper way to handle the new seal.

I use the same extemsion to push the edges of the seal in place all around. 

02X10032 Tub seal, WH2X1193 Hub Nut, WH43X10009 Air Bell Coupling, WH02X10037 Screw.







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