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 Posted: Thu Jul 13th, 2006 01:41 pm
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machineguy200 wrote:
You were quite right. The fan started up, everything is cold, life is good!

Thank you all so much for helping.

I have 1 other question. The freezer door seems to not want to stay closed. When the fridge door is opened the freezer door unseals leaving it slightly opened. Also, if the freezer door is opened then closed it doesn't want to seal properly either. If I open both doors, close the fridge side then push close the freezer side it will seal properly and stay closed.

I suspect that the humidity has something to do with this problem. This problem SEEMS to occur only in summer when the humidity is high. We had a service call on this refrigerator about 3-4 summers ago and I'm pretty sure it was the component that failed. Is that possible? Is there some way to make the freezer door stay shut?

Actually, I also think this situation is the cause of the defrost limiter failing. My idea is that the freezer door was actually open and we didn't realize it. The humidity caused a great amount of excess moisture to saturate the coils and everything around it. Eventually, it caused the defost limiter to then fail..... Does that sound plausible??

My freezer door didn't want to shut right either. I found that the door seal on the left side was binding up and rolling over on itself just a bit when the door was shut. I used a screwdriver to set it right as I shut the door and then left the door shut for overnight. It's now shutting correctly. I may have to replace the seal someday soon though. Anyway, excess moisture in the freezer I'm sure was a contributing factor to the defrost limiter failing, but I've also got the impression that's they also just poorly made and failure-prone parts.