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 Posted: Mon Jul 10th, 2006 12:11 pm
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There is a fan mounted at the top just behind the defrost least I think it's the defrost limiter, since it's covered in frost and ice. That fan is NOT turning. Another fan that can be accessed from the backside of the entire unit is turning and never seems to stop turning.

By the way, how many total fans does the entire machine have?

It's 6:50 AM. I opened the freezer to find:

1. Coils and various components just above coils frosted or iced.

2. Fan not running.

3. No ice in the ice bin.

4. Water IS flowing through door dispenser.

5. 1/2 full 2 liter bottle of coke left overnight on the bottom floor of freezer is frozen solid. (All the trays are out so I could remove access panel to coils.)

I obviously don't want to buy the wrong part. A few years ago I had to have this thing repaired, also in the summertime. I think, but am not sure, that the repair guy replaced something in the aluminum box just behind the removeable front toe kick.

I appreciate your help. Can you tell for certain which part(s) will fix this thing for sure. The wife is getting antsy and just wants me to call the local repir guy so the she can have her fridge back. I would prefer to do it myself.

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