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 Posted: Sun Jul 9th, 2006 08:30 pm
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Ok, here is something interesting. Of course there are no appliance parts shops open today, because it's Sunday. But Sears parts centers are open. Mine was open from 11:00AM to 6PM or so. Of course, Sears doesn't really stock parts for appliances that are not Kenmore, but Machineguy200 and I are in luck, because at some point in the past, Amana manufactured a fridge similar to ours for Sears and it was slapped with a Kenmore badge, which means they stock parts for it. Amana part number R0161088 is the same as sears part number 12017823. This is the defrost thermostat. I just got back from my local Sears parts store and installed my new one. The old one did look as if someone tried to take it apart in the past, so I guess moisture got in and froze in there, blowing it apart. My wife is now scrubbing the fridge top to bottom and then we're going to close it up and see how cold it gets. I caught the fan running once, but it's not currently. I think the little timer box may have something to do with it, because I took it apart in hopes I could find the problem in there (before I found this forum and thread) and I'm not sure I got it back together properly. Here's hoping.

Also, if you are interested in other parts for your Amana fridge, Sears part number 59650699000 should come up as KENMORE SXS REFRIGERATOR, this fridge appears to be very close to both the Amana SQD26VL and SXD26VW.

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