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 Posted: Sun Jul 9th, 2006 06:16 pm
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The fan I am talking about is the Evaporator Fan. It is in your freezer compartment. It should be blowing any time your compressor and fan in the back is on. The only time it wouldn't be blowing if your compressor is on would be the first 3-5 minutes after a defrost.


*** I replied as you were sending yours Mr. Trouser Chili. Great pictures and explanation! Yes a defrost bi-metal, defrost limiter, defrost terminator, defrost t-stat and that metal thing with the wires coming off it are all the same part. The t-stat is open at room temp and will close once it gets cold. It does this to let frost build on the evap so when the fan comes on we are not blowing moisture and hot air all over the unit. The will become sticky at times. IF your fan worked when you benched checked it, and the evap was frosted up when you found the fan not running, that is your ticket. Another sign on these is the top of the limiter will look like someone pulled it off and stuck it back down. This is caused by moisture getting in it and freezing. It will create a intermittent problem. 

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