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 Posted: Sun Jul 9th, 2006 04:19 pm
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I guess I can't really answer your question about the fan. There seems to be 2 basic noises I hear. One is the usual "hum" that seems that it makes when running normally. Right now it its making that noise. It "seems" like it is running correctly right this second and water is flowing through the door dispenser. Although, when I first opened the freezer this morning there was ice in the ice maker but the ice was wet and there were frozen drips including a sort of cool "stalagtite" hanging off one of the sliding trays.

The other of the 2 sounds it makes is the constant whirring of a fan. This fan seemed to be going when the fridge was not keeping cold. That fan is on the backside of the unit at the bottom, sort of centered left to right.

Even though it is keeping cold right now I have no confidence that it is actually fixed and that I coud start using it normally again. Is there a component or components that need replacing?