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 Posted: Sun Jul 9th, 2006 05:07 am
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Trying to help wrote:
Knowing this design unit we will want to know when the unit is having it's problems, is the fan in the freezer running? The fan is controlled through the defrost t-stat and it has a tendency to be a little glitchy at best some times. If the defrost limiter is stuck open, your fan won't run, FF and FZ sides will warm, and the water tank will freeze stopping the flow of water out the door.   

Thanks, I think this is the exact problem I'm having with my Amana SQD26VL. The water tank froze up, and the evaporator fan won't run because it's not getting any voltage. I take it the best course of action is to simply replace the defrost thermostat? Is that the same thing as when you refer to a defrost limiter?