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 Posted: Sun Jul 2nd, 2006 02:39 am
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Trying to help

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Your cooling fan does not vent out your duct work for your Down Draft fan. It is designed to cool your clock and TP. It is just blowing air toward that area under the main top. The oven vent does come out via the Down Draft area in the plenum where your filter is. On your unit, the cooling fan should not come on in bake unless the unit is over 500*. IF it is coming on prematurely, say around 250*, The PRB (power relay board or Bake Broil Convect board) mounted to the rear of the unit is bad. I don't think you have a sensor problem, if you did, the wife would be complaining about temp problems more then the fan. Turn the bake on, if cooling fan comes on at about 250* display temp on the clock, bad PRB.    

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