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 Posted: Wed Jun 28th, 2006 07:53 pm
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stumpowitz wrote:
Ostrom wrote: Sensei,

This part is on backorder, but they do have the conversion kit: Is there any reason not to but the whole kit? (The price is exactly the same).


You can order the kit, but need only the board. Very simple compared to the whole kit. Good Luck!


Does the above board work directly with the original motor that came with MAH5500BWW, or will it only work with the motor that comes with the kit?

I have 67786665ZF serialed (notice the mark of the beast in the serialnumber itself :yikes: ) Neptune that fried it's motor's charred black with number of components being vaporised to the nether world. My motor seems to be in good working order tho, when I tested it through OHMing.

I guess my second question is that if I need to replace the motor as well, what is the best way to gain access. As far as I can see the best way might be to lie the unit down to it's side and take off the bottom...