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 Posted: Wed Jun 28th, 2006 01:30 am
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Mr. Ho:

I am no expert, but was able to fix my problem with the information posted.  I am quite sure you wasted your money on the heater element.  The unit never went into defrost cycle after jumping L1 to test, because your freezer was not cold enough to trip your thermostat switch, which is connected to one of the incoming lines to your evaporator.  That is the coil with fins on it in the back of the freezer.  The thermostatic switch  is just that, it is a normally open switch above a certain temperature and closes when under that temperature.  It is inline with one of the power leads to the heater.  Therefore, even if the ADC board is sending power to the heater, unless this switch is closed the heater will not heat up.  I am not sure what the setpoint is, but I am sure it is near freezing.  I suppose you could test by submersing the switch in ice water and then jump L1 to test.  If anyone dissagrees with my assessment, please feel free to correct me.  Good Luck!

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