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 Posted: Wed Jun 28th, 2006 01:05 am
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Decided not to replace the C2 cap, but rather the whole ADC board on my Maytag MSD2957AEW.  After doing this, I followed advice on this thread about jumping L1 to Test.  When I did this, compressor & freezer motors went off, ADC buzzed, but no action on the heater.  Tried every which way with the jumpering...motors on/off...touching on contacts, and holding connection between for a few minutes.  Nothing.  Figured it must be the heating element and/or defrost terminator, so bought both as a new unit.

After installing the new heater/DTT, did the same jumping trick to try to initiate a defrost cycle.  First, did this when the freezer temp lever turned to OFF.  This produced a click then another click after about a second, no defrost.  I tried this again with the lever set to midway, so that the compressor & freezer fan motors were running.  This produced one click, and the motors going off.  The interesting thing here is that in this second case, I could not turn the units back on by moving the lever from OFF, I had to reset the Referig switch on my main (house) circuit breaker first.   I tried this procedure both with removing the screwdriver from the contacts after hearing the click, and keeping it connected for some minutes afterward.

So, for all I know the system works just fine now, but I can't initiate the defrost and "see it for myself".  Is there any way to be sure here?   I do have an Ohm/Volt meter, but it has the "probe" ends and not the clamp type.  Any measurements I can easily take here?

Help!   :?