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 Posted: Sun Jun 25th, 2006 07:11 pm
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Thanks for this awesome site! :D  This forum helped me fix the ice maker on my Kitcheaid Superba side-by-side refrigerator (model KSRG25FKSS).  It's just a year old and I couldn't figure out why the ice maker stopped working. 

I had just replaced the water filter and nothing was amiss until I noticed water in the grout of the tile coming from under the fridge.  I pulled the fridge from the wall and found that water had leaked all under the fridge.  Not a lot, but enough for concern.  No damage to the water line or connections and I was stumped because after changing the filter, the water dispenser on the door worked fine.  I decided to keep an eye on the leaky water and found that it was wet only occaisionally.  Turns out that when the ice maker was periodically attempting to draw water, the ice blockage in the feeder tube was forcing it back down into the filter and causing it to leak all over the floor. 

Solution:  Took the advice of the others on this page and thawed it with a hair dryer.  I could feel the ice in the tube and kept trying to work it back and forth until I felt the ice actually crack and break up.  To my amazement, it slid right out.  Within minutes, the ice maker drew water and the leak did not return!

The hair dryer fix only took 5 minutes and it saved me a $55 service call (Sears) plus labor, not to mention the time it would require me to miss work and wait for the tech to show up between 8am and the time of my death.   :X

Great site, I'll check here first for all my appliance issues.  Thanks again!!