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 Posted: Sun Jun 25th, 2006 08:33 am
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AccApp wrote: It was made in Sep 1996, so it is certainly still under the parts warranty. S-Z is also aware of problems with evaps, I don't know if your unit falls under this program. If you call S-Z and get an authorized tech out, S-Z may offer to cover some of the labor as well. Is this an R134a unit? It should list it on the tag.
Good Call!

Now there are two different types of ice build up on those evaporators... Ice across the WHOLE evaporator (Indicating a plugged condenser or faulty cold control) and the second is the ice ball on the left side of the refrigerator side. THAT is a good indicator of a leak.


Now this has happened to me a couple of times in my lazy days.. .You have an overheated condenser... screws up the schrader valve on the compressor and there is your leak. Shut the unit off, unscrew the schrader cap and see if there is oil. As the pressure builds up from being off, you will actually see oil bubbling inside the schrader valve port.... There is your leak... VERY rare but it has happened.