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 Posted: Sun Jun 25th, 2006 01:29 am
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I'm having a problem with my GE Gas Range.

Model:  JGBP35WEA9WW

The last few days, every time I've tried to operate my oven, to the best of my knowledge, the burner has not lit.

I followed the instructions on your Troubleshooting Gas Ovens page -

Naturally enough, when I had the door off and the bottom out, the gas did ignite - and every time I tested it.  It would take about 45 seconds to ignite, though.

Using the amp meter, I registered a max of 3.11 amps to the ignitor, and it was usually much closer to 3.00.

On your note on the Hot Surface Ignitors graphic, you mention that a powder blue Norton (flat ignitor) will have an amp draw of 2.5 to 3.0 amps.  I couldn't discern any powder blue, but I'm kind of color blind.

In addition to the low amp draw, my symptoms match your description pretty precisely.  The cook times have always seemed excessively long.

It seems pretty cut and dried, but I would love a second opinion before I buy the part. 

Thanks in advance.

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