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 Posted: Thu Apr 7th, 2005 06:56 pm
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FPSteve1 wrote:
Me again from the msn site...

Have 120v going to pump and diverter valve during pumpout, both up in control panel and at pump and diverter valve themselves. NOTE: when wires are removed from diverter valve during pumpout/rinse cycle, diverter valve allows machine to drain out drain pipe.  Plug it all back together, and valve closes to drain pipe and machine recirculates again.

Are we now looking at the motor controller module for bad signals?

It shows that the diverter is at "recirculation state" when powered (ON) and at "drain state" when un-powered (OFF).

Check the switching device of the diverter: by relay or by power-electronic device(triac or SCR).
You may have to get the circuit diagram of this washer. F&P usually uses power-electronic device to control the washer motor.

a) If by relay, the relay may be stuck "ON" due to melted contacts.
b) If by power-electronic device, the device may be burnt and short-circuit.
c) If the switching device is good, then trace the cause back to the electronic control board.

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