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 Posted: Thu Jun 22nd, 2006 04:00 pm
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nickfixit wrote:
jlagrua wrote:

While this appears out of spec, keep in mind this is an aftermarket pump/pump motor.


You mean some company, other than whirlpool, is making parts for these? Was it much cheaper than a factory part?


Well, perhaps I misspake- it is a replacement part that is a different design than the original part. I doubt sincerely that whirlpool made the original pump to begin with, but yes it is different from the original. It used to be a motor with a pump that slipped onto the motor's spindle. Now the pump is integrated into the motor and the impeller is attached directly to the spindle with a plastic impeller cover which attaches to the hoses. It was $107.00 - you can see/find it here:

It is also the only part available for this application, anywhere. I've read rumor on the IntarWeb that it was "redesigned", but who knows...

So are you ready for weird?

I decided to test the plug at P5 of the Motor Control Board again this morning and:

In manual Diagnostic Mode, hooked to Tan/Yel - White (Drain), it gave me 118-119VAC and the pump began to drain. For a few moments. Then it alternated between that and 180mV and then just stopped. Leaving the trodes in place, I put it into recirc, and lo and behold, the board was putting out 149-150VAC onto the Drain circuit in RECIRC MODE!! Pump Recircs water in Recirc mode. No-pumpy-pumpy in drain. So I switched trodes to the recirc circuit and tested there:

Here's what I got:

Red/Blu to White (Recirc) | Off: 184 mVAC | Recirc: 119.9-120.2VAC| Drain: 205-207mVAC

Then back to drain:

Tan/Yel to White (Drain) | Off: 188-190 mVAC | Recirc: 149-150VAC | Drain: 188-190mVAC

Then as I pushed the trode deeper into the socket between the wire and the plug, the motor came to life and voltage in Drain mode came back as long as I held pressure on my trode. Push - voltage; let go - no voltage. So I kept pushing releasing and then it stayed on. I don't know if it is/was loose wire/wire not fully seating in the plug, or cold solder joint on the board, but I'm running a small load now to see if it completes. More info as it comes...


The cycle completed fully. Running another, but at leat the source is isolated. If it keeps working, then, hey, I saved $143.65. If not then I know where to get a new board and life goes on. Thanks everyone for your input and asistance! This. Board. Rocks.