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 Posted: Thu Apr 7th, 2005 03:28 pm
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Budget Appliance Repair wrote: Question for Samurai:
You said "If it's broken, it'll cause the no-spin. no-agitate problem, too. Can be very noisy."


Hello, William, my querying friend.  Our most dear and gracious host, Samurai Appliance Repair Man, is, eh, indisposed for the time being. 

As you know, the Samurai is an independent contractor for your Ameedican CIA so-called "black operations."  In fact, it was in this line of work that I was blessed to have met him.  The Samurai headed up a CIA task force here in Afghanistan with the mission of procuring high-grade Afghanni heroin for re-sale in Ameedican urban areas to fund other CIA black operations.  It also enriched many locals, such as myself, who were personally involved in helping the Samurai procure his cargo.  In the course of assisting the Samurai, I went from being a burned-out Mujahideen left-over with nothing, to a wealthy breeder of fine camels and yaks with four wives and 17 children, all living under my own tent.  Truly, Allah has blessed us through the Samurai and your Ameedican CIA.  Allahu Akbar! 

But, alas, I have some sad news to report.  It seems he has been personally testing some of the heroin that I helped him procure and he is currently in one of your Ameedican rehabilitation houses.  Let us put aside our religious differences, even though you and all infidels are going straight to the hot place, and pray to Allah, the merciful and compassionate, for the speedy recovery and return of our most dear and gracious host. 

Allahu Akbar!