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 Posted: Fri Jun 16th, 2006 10:46 am
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Some questions for some of you that have installed a few of these kits?????

The new metal bracket is installed with the tabs on the outside of both original tabs that are to be completely removed. Have you ever had a problem with the chute door over time moving to either side with all the extra gap, (would be about an 1/8" extra gap on each side when original tabs are remove), and not sealing correctly?

A possible easier way to line up new metal bracket??? Both of my original tabs are in place, (broken one superglued back in place for tempory fix). Put bracket in place - without removing sticky tape cover, insert hinge pin thru bracket and orginal tabs, mark bracket postion with pin as suggested by Evofxdwg, then remove bracket and remove old tabs, reinstall bracket with glue exposed positioned in marked area. (Does this sound like good thinking????)

Also, how about maybe leaving old tabs in place as spacer so no worry about above problem of maybe misaligned chute door????

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