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 Posted: Thu Apr 7th, 2005 11:10 am
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Looking at your pictures, I would say the brake cam looks fine to me, I don't know what "The Seven" is seeing that I'm not.

Question for Samurai:
You said "If it's broken, it'll cause the no-spin. no-agitate problem, too. Can be very noisy."

You were speaking of the brake cam. Can you tell me how a broken brake cam will cause a "no-agitate problem too"? I believer your mistaken, the brake cam has nothing to do with agitate.

Another thing that could be the problem, The brake drum could have came loose, turn the brake cam to release the brakes and try to move the outer brake drum, it should be solid no movement.

From everything you have told us, I'm really leaning towards a transmission problem and most likely a problem so severe that it's not worth trying to repair the transmission. (reason being if it's the input shaft/worm gear and pinion gear, you have to purchase the lower tranmission case with the two gears, the worm gear/input shaft is pressed in. This one part of the transmission cost almost as much as a new transmission)

I think what you will find if you open the transmission is that the main pinion gear that the input shaft/worm gear engages has broken some teeth off. I have seen one do this before. It agitates ok with just a little noise because turning in the agitate direction doesn't produce the load that spin does. In the spin cycle the load on the transmission is much heavier and you get the loud banging everytime the broken tooth area comes around.

I bet the banging is at constant intervals, right?

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William Burk (Willie)
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