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 Posted: Wed Jun 14th, 2006 02:56 am
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Trying to help wrote:
If you look at your connection on the thermistor on top of the water valve, does it appear to be corroded or discolored?? If so, it is what has caused your board to blow. If you put it in a cold fill and are not getting your L1 out of the board on the blue 37 wire to your cold water valve then the board is bad. Just check the connections on the thermistor so you don't blow up the next one as well.

The connection on my thermistor looks fine, no corrosion. I used my multimeter to test it and it looks like I am getting 50-60 ohms (it fluctuates).

I'm not getting any power on the blue wire to my cold valve. I temporarily switched the terminals between the hot and cold valve and the cold valve does work (when I set it to a hot fill).

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