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 Posted: Mon May 23rd, 2005 09:11 am
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Banging sounds in the Kenmore Front Loading washers! (model 970.C40042.00)
I read some mailbag threads saying that there are two problems here:

1.) pulley is loose on the shaft
2.)bearing is bust and the whole back part of the tub needs replaced because the engineers at Frigitmore built it integrated into the plastic tub casing.

Unfortunately my problem is neither.  The bearing is fine.  No rust, no leaks.  The pulley fits perfectly and extremely tight on the drive shaft.  The problem is that the whole metal tub/shaft/pulley have play if you push and pull the pulley in and out.  It's as if the pulley is NOT pulling the tub tight up against the bearing.
I have tried tightening the bolt that holds the pulley in place hoping that that would pull it farther down on the shaft and get rid of this play, but alas it doesn't help.   Is it possible to put a washer on the shaft between the bearing and pulley hopefully eliminating the play?  Help me Obi Wan Kenobi's!  You're all, my only hope.  The metal tub is starting to cut into the interior plastic tub housing during spin cycle. YIKES! noisy!