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 Posted: Thu Apr 7th, 2005 06:41 am
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I been trying to figure out how the clutch would work if the cam engaged with the slots. That would eliminate the clutch shoe from the process.

After I took the cam off the brake, it seems to me that the cam engages the longer of the two arms on the clutch shoe where the spring is, latching onto it and coupling the basket drive to the clutch case.
I inspected the cam and I can still see the mold and flashing marks in the surface as well as contact grease transfer in the face that engages the clutch shoe. There is minor wear in the face of the thin finger that would contace the cap on the clutch shoe spring. Less than a 1/64" deep and about a 1/4" long. I really don't think the cam is worn out.

I hooked up the motor to the trans, it doesn't bang but it does run rough, almost like some teeth are chewed up in a gear. Not having three hands at the time, I couldn't put any load on the clutch disk to make sure.

Do you have a better diagram of the internals of the trans than the small gif on msn that you could share? Perhaps, I misunderstood the repair or replace question. I assumed you were asking about the transmission not the washer.

I'll be happy to take pictures if they would be useful for your site.


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