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 Posted: Sat Jun 10th, 2006 08:07 am
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I managed to purchase all the parts to upgrade my ADC circuit board per the posted instructions and all appears well.  However, now I appear to have a new problem.  The freezer is very cold and the beer cooler is luke warm.  I have read many posts about frost blocking the air flow passage to the beer cooler, but this does not seem to be my problem.  I feel plenty of cold air coming from the freezer into the beer cooler at the upper top left corner.  My beer cooler has some fancy meat and produce coolers at the bottom with their own digital thermostats.  These are not cooling down at all.  It has been about six hours now and they are still around 70 degrees.  For comparison a 16 ounce bottle of water I threw in the freezer four hours ago is nearly completely frozen.  Is there a seperate air flow passage for these drawers?  I notice there are two seperate fans for each drawer and they are not running.


I have a side by side Maytag MSD2758DR (2001). 

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