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 Posted: Thu Apr 7th, 2005 05:38 am
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Me again from the msn site...

Recap and update: GWL10 washer recirculates water but won't drain: tub full of water at start of rinse cycle, machine recirculates awhile, then beeps with code #37 "Pump blocked error " , but pump and drain not blocked. Again, it just recirculates, even with Drain Pump Test. No clogs anywhere.

Essentially, the diverter valve isn't switching to drain.  Although no obvious broken parts on the outside, replaced diverter valve with a new one from F&P (now with protective hood- fancy!) - no change in problem, but at least only spent $17.

Have 120v going to pump and diverter valve during pumpout, both up in control panel and at pump and diverter valve themselves. NOTE: when wires are removed from diverter valve during pumpout/rinse cycle, diverter valve allows machine to drain out drain pipe.  Plug it all back together, and valve closes to drain pipe and machine recirculates again.

Are we now looking at the motor controller module for bad signals?


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