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 Posted: Sun May 22nd, 2005 06:52 pm
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The model/serial tag should be in the food compartment on either the right or left wall.  On the older units it was above the toe panel down by the bottom door hinge where the door gasket would hit.   Your model number is 363.9514710, the 363 means it is made by G.E. not  Whirlpool.  I would suspect you might just need to replace your door cam risers as these wear out and break, not letting your door close properly.  This is normal wear, unless you let it go too long and let it damage the bottom of your door. Take a look at the assembly above the door support below the door, bet you will see the black riser is worn or broken...Sears shows the freezer side is WR13X0615 , the food side  is WR13X0614, both go to WR13X10020 so looks as both side come as a kit, this includes the bottom hinge and cam...Pegi

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