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 Posted: Sun May 22nd, 2005 05:45 am
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Fat Tony


Though not as severe, I am also having the same problem.  It appears that the nylon or plastic washer set atop the part has disintergrated most of the way.  There is still a small piece that keeps me from allowing the door to close automatically.  I now must lift the door 1/4" to seat properly.  Does the replacement part really cost hundreds of dollars?!?  Not that I am swimming in cash, but it appears better to buy a brand new unit with fresh refrigerant than repair my 9 year old (estimation- it came with the house) unit.

I was going to try to rig it with a couple C clips and a fiber washer or two to lift the door.  Nothing as fancy as the previous post.  But after reviewing these posts, I am ready to run to another manufacturer.

Am I out of my mind?