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 Posted: Wed May 24th, 2006 04:19 pm
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Well, I solved my problem, albeit in an odd manner.  After getting the shocking estimate from the repairman, I went off in search of a new inverter board.  Did find it on Sears' parts site for $176 ($50 cheaper than the repairman quoted me).  Still a little hesitant to spend $200 on an appliance I only paid $249 for in the first place so I decided to go looking on ebay for it since I now had the part number.

Didn't find the part, but I did find the same microwave, brand new in the box (but in "bisque" instead of black like mine) ending in less than an hour and the bidding was only at $18 (+$75 shipping).

Wound up winning it for $51 ($126 including shipping) which was probably because the seller had a horrible picture and a really vague description.

It arrived and I cautiously opened the box, expecting it to be heavily damaged or something...  The vent adapter packed in the top of the carton was bent all to heck - looked like something got dropped on the carton. :?

Oh well, at least I can salvage the inverter board...  Pull off the top styrofoam and what do you know, it's in PERFECT condition.  :) I guess someone opened the carton, saw the adapter all crunched and wrote the thing off.  It had never been out of the carton.

Plugged it in to test and it worked fine!  YES!!!:party:

Stripped the old black one down so I could swap the color keyed pieces to the new unit and decided to strip the good PC boards, magnetron and turntable motor out of the old one to keep as spares.  Got to the inverter board and found it had burned and started to melt the surrounding plastic.

Swapped the plastics to the new unit (decided to keep the bisque stuff as wife is talking about redoing the kitchen).  The only electrical connection I had to undo was the door.  Retested it after assembly and all is still well.  Now I have tons of spares and a working unit again!

Yes, I know that probably wasnt a factory authorized procedure, but it worked. :rocker:

If I wouldnt have lucked into the cheap parts, I probably would have thrown it away.