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 Posted: Fri May 19th, 2006 12:06 am
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Well after much frustratioin and research I went to the local authorised repair shop and opted to have them do the work. First, my particular machine came with a "lifetime" warranty on the stainless drum which only applied if I used their services. Second, the price of a new rear outer drum was reduced to C$84.40. Labour was the killer, C$250, quoted in advance. I was told they would preassemble the parts before coming to my home.

What is interesting is that there were two techs working on it and they arrived with a complete, fully assembled tub assembly. I did not pay for a new front outer tub.

I had already moved the machine out from it's normal position and taken off the top and rear panels.It took them a bit over an hour to re/re the whole thing, connect up the machine and test for leaks. I learned that mine was their first repair its type.

The grand total with taxes was $363.72 in Canuck Bucks.:shock:

After reading the warranty info I later found in my file, I may have a claim for at least the cost of the rear half outer tub. I have yet to follow up on that. The firm is Totem Applainces, Burnaby BC and yes I would call them again any time. Labour is warranteed for 30 days, parts for one year.

When I was in Totem's parts department I learned that Sears Canada is the only source for the complete tub replacement as a single part at C$149. Totem cannot order that part from Electrolux.

:X I am still angry that the most important part in this front loader, its tank and wash drum, are so prone to premature failure. I can't see any qualified engineer signing off on such a design. What I can see is some MBA exec deciding to make it cheaper and getting his bonus for the idea.

This turned out as well as it did because of the backgound info I found here! Congrats to all the Gurus!!! :D